Mar 18, 2016

See you in September ♥ #29faces

Hey guys, this is a slide show with my faces for this past February, I hope you had as much fun as I did.... and be ready for next September when we do it again!! It will be the 11th edition ..... 4 years strong!

If you want to see more weekly art, journaling and some doll making, subscribe to my channel!  it is free! (°‿~ )✌   (link in the video)

P.S. I noticed in the past months different groups with a similar name  to "29 faces", which is kind of sad and confusing. (30, 24, 100, 365 etc faces) and have nothing to do with this challenge... I wish they had picked another different name, but that's what it is.

The 29 faces challenge runs in February and September and all levels of expertise and mediums are welcome ♥

Thanks for visiting!

Feb 18, 2016

A note of self respect and appreciation

Dear artist friends:
Each time for the past 4 years that I have run the 29 faces challenge, I hear all kinds of comments about the frustration of a starting artist or worse yet, some vague or direct criticism of another person's art (do not worry, I cut those short from the group, after a friendly recommendation of being kind and not a troll).

I want you to read this words out-loud: "No one is born knowing" I have been saying that countless times not only for art but life in general. In fact it is one of my favorite things to say!
We are born knowing nothing. We do not have to be perfect when we just started a new craft. Give yourself permission to have many messy creations -in this case faces-. And do not compare yourself with someone that has been working on their craft for years.

Respect and love those distorted wobbly faces, because those are the first steps to go where you want!
Being it  realism or whimsical... pencil sketches or oils. It all needs, requires and it is expected to have "ugly", "messy", "weird" pieces.
If you don't like them, observe what it is that you don't like and work on it. Enjoy the steps. I can promise you with practice you will get where you want. Take it in small parts, work on eyes for a while, then only in making the mouth... then maybe ears, or nose...
If you are totally new to drawing, don't expect a Da Vinci result, but rather see the components of a face, practice parts of the face till you got them the way you want.

It is perfectly fine to do whimsical and do them in your own style. Not everyone has to do realism! If you like a more realistic approach then by all means, practice and accept the "fail" faces, and then compare them months later or a year later and you will see how much you have grown as an artist.
I have seen it time after time, right here in the challenge! :o)

Do not give up. Find the time to practice for a few minutes and more than anything, have fun in this challenge, with hundreds of other  like-minded people flying together.

Much love and a pat in the shoulder for you ♥

Jan 22, 2016

29 faces blog button for feb 2016

Here is the button!
Post it in your blog, or any social network, just link back here so people can find it and play too. I will have a "grab button" in the side bar for easier posting.
Are you getting ready? What new thing will you try? Or what technique, tool or media want to perfect more?
All levels welcome! as long as you are willing to try ♥

I will have the Mr Linky ready on Feb 1st, as early as possible, Pacific time (which sorry, but it is like "yesterday time" to many lol)

See you soon!
*Also, on a separate note: for those interested in online classes, I am part of this art journaling class starting also in February! Click HERE to learn more/register.

Jan 18, 2016

4 years and going strong!

WWoooWHoooohh! This February is a leap year! The reason why 29 faces in February was created! To celebrate the leap year and to practice making faces.... one a day will hone your abilities and you will be so amazed what daily practice can make for you.

Get ready for February the 1st... we will have so much fun! Tell everyone, invite anyone that loves making faces OR that would love to practice and learn more!

See you in a couple of weeks!

FB page HERE   ~    FB art Group HERE     ~   Check the TABS to see past events ♥

Only art inclined people invited. Any medium, and level of experience welcome.

Dec 31, 2015

Last day of 2015

I want to wish everyone the best of joy and happiness for this coming year 2016, and I hope you had fun in this year we are ending tonight.
I have seen so many participants to flourish and grow so much as artists, it just makes me happy.
Now more than ever I believe that practice makes perfect!

In four more weeks we start all over again! For better or worse, February is around the corner, and along chocolates and hearts, we have faces too! Lots of art ♥

See you the 1st of Feb here! (and in any other networks!)

Sep 25, 2015

The last few days of the #29faces

Wow... This months is almost gone!
How are you doing? How has it been between trying new things and posting daily... or *almost* daily? ;o)
Lets do the last few days memorable... Did you try something new yet? Did you get better at it? Did you mess up horribly?? lol
Remember, you don't have to do a Master piece each time, but you have to dare to try the materials or styles that you have been thinking of, or that technique to practice... something different.
We are starting the count down....24... 25... 26....

Sep 10, 2015

29 faces updates!

Hey guys, how was your 1st week? All the new people joining for the first time, I hope you are enjoying it! Most of us seem to find challenging the mechanics of posting everyday, but not the faces lol
For those that like prompts, this week, try to do a face in 3/4 or profile, if you have not done one ever. And or work on a monotone portrait, play with lights and shadows.

Use all your stash! All those goodies, use them up! :o) For those that are just starting and have no clue what to do, I put together in my shop a sample kit, with over 20 items, and a fun list of ideas, prompts, techniques... for a limited time only ♥

We have grown so big! if you have instagram check the hashtag #29faces and #29faceschallenmge and you will see thousands of posts! Unfortunately those cannot be linked from this blog because you need to be in a mobile devise to post there. But if you are already there... have fun looking at all the awesome faces ☺

Have fun and keep your paintbrush wet! Your pencil sharpened, your mouse moving.... whatever you use to make your faces! lol