Mar 11, 2015

Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

As we were finishing the challenge, we heard of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I invited the members to work on a portrait of him and this is the results... wonderful!
Thank you everyone for participating and for letting me post your work in the blog.

by Anne Terkelsen

by Cherie Balowski

by Illona Heimbokel

by Jackie Beeman

by Lydia Puente Harris

by Mary Simms

by Paula Jeffery

by Sandra Doris Daughter

by Shelly Simpson

by Skye of Ravens

by Ziona Hull

Feb 28, 2015

Saying good bye, till September!

Somehow February passes by so quickly, an not necessary because it is missing a couple of days I think, but also because making art seems to seep it up.

Whatever the reason, I hope this past 28 days you had a wonderful time doing your thing, experimenting, learning something new... having fun!
Don't feel bad if you didn't finish the 29 faces, you can still keep posting as you go, and visit all the other bloggers to say hi, now that there is a bit more time :o)

I will be working on a FAQ to have handy the information ♥ 

We'll be back again in September!

Art by Happy Tiler, taken with permission

Feb 7, 2015

How was your 1st week of the challenge?

Are you having a good time? I am!
And for those that just now heard of the 29 faces.... it isn't too late! In fact, it is never late: You can start any time in February! And come back in September, don't forget!

Jan 27, 2015

The challenge's button

When I work on the 29 faces challenge button I always think, will it fit? Will it be OK?
I want something universal, embracing.... something that people, you! could relate to.

So I opted for an abstract. Each time I abstract more lol
What I want to say with this image is: you can!
I could do something realistic, or ask someone with a different style to make it extra fancy, but what i want to do is invite ALL from any level of expertise, and media.... to just follow that line and make a face.

The button, the challenge's logo for February is very simple and playful.

Because my personal most used way of doing things is more linear and outlined, I always aim for loose in this challenge. It helps me to awaken something inside my mind and for a month do things differently. Then I end up with more confidence and new perspectives when I work on a face.

Maybe you want to go from abstract into realistic.... maybe you want to try a new media. Go ahead.... just grab your materials and follow that line.

As always, the Mr Linky will be up Feb 1st,
Follow the help on how to add the link/directions on the side bar---->>
[that way you only add once! :o) ] But if you have a problem, I will fix it :o)
All unrelated links will be deleted.

I am SO looking forward to see your art!

Dec 18, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy Celebrations!

Yes, Merry Christmas, Happy Celebrations! 
And guess what....?
... 45 more days until 29 faces in February! 

But who is counting, right?

I hope you get new art supplies under the tree to play with next year♥  
My wish for you: Love, peace, health & good company (and art supplies) ;o)

Sep 30, 2014

Thank you!

Many members here and in the FB group joined in the fun... created along hundreds of faces this month, and had a blast. Yes, the rush of keeping up and posting seems to be the hardest part but the art was so wonderful, and the end results is happiness.

I want to thank each person that participated, and I want YOU to give yourself a pat on the shoulder for daring, do trying and for working so hard. Even if you didn't quite finish all.... even if you had mixed results... you are still ahead of the game, by practicing and getting out of your comfort zone.
Post here what you discovered about yourself and your efforts!
Don't forget to post your art in the FB page if you are there so we all can see and enjoy the faces ♥

See you in February 2015!

Art by Caryn Smith

Sep 24, 2014

The last few days!

Can you believe we are getting close to the end of the challenge?

Have you tried something new? Work on a smaller size.... work on a larger size!
Find those 30 minutes to paint or draw... maybe play with editing a photo in an app... You still have a few days to practice, to improve, to try some scary messy technique... it doesn't matter what kind of art style it is, play with it!

Share your link in the Linky... post in the page or in the group... we all are having so much fun with the huge variety of faces ♥ Oh... visit the blogs and enjoy the eye candy!